W. NR. 1.2767


Chrome–nickel–tungsten–molybdenum steel for hardening in the airflow with the high hardenability. The steel is characterized by a relatively high hardness after hardening, especially good toughness against the stress by pressure of shocks and hits, very good resistance to the wear and rather good dimensional stability at the heat treatment. It is rather difficult to form the steel at the heat and it shows relatively more difficult workability in the soft-annealed state.


For tools for hot work such as small dies requiring high toughness at the high hardness, e.g. by working of material of high hardness. Further the steel is suitable for knives during the cold cutting of materials of thick thicknesses, knives for scrap etc. and for highly stressed tools for cold punching. For pressing of plastics from this steel it is possible to produce big breeze blocks and harden them in air.

Chemical composition of steel W.Nr. 1.2767

Steel gradeChemical composition in %Hardness in the state
CMnSiCrWMoVNi maxCoP max.S max.HB max.HRC min.
DIN X45NiCrMo40,40-0,500,15-0,450,10-0,401,20-1,50 0,15-0,35 3,80-4,30 0,0300,03024844
ČSN 19 6550,35-0,450,40-0,700,20-0,401,40-1,800,40-0,800,20-0,40 3,80-4,60 0,0300,03528550

Heat treatment of steel W.Nr. 1.2767

WayTemperature [°C]Procedure
Forging850-1050Cool slowly in calm air or better e.g. in dry ash or other thermally-insulated material
Soft annealing610-650Warm few hours (according to the size of object), mostly four hours are enough and cool slowly in the furnace
Annealing to lower tension600-630Warm 1 to 2 hours and cool slowly in the furnace
Hardening830-860Bigger and more rugged tools
840-870Cool in oil up to 180-220 °C
Tempering160-250Cool in air, the degree of tempering is set by hardness and toughness of instrument according to the tempering chart


Chart of tempering values depending on the hardness:



Product range

Round bars: D21 - D373
Blocks: 460x1010
We will deliver any semi-finished products from the above mentioned dimensions. Other dimensions, except for given stock supplies, have to be consulted with us.

Tool steel meets the requirements of various kinds of tools, e.g. for machining, hot- and cold-working, measuring instruments and die-casting moulds. We also offer high-speed steel.

Tool steel meets the requirements of various kinds of tools, e.g. for machining, hot- and cold-working, measuring instruments and die-casting moulds. These tool materials conform to great quality demands of steel, like temper, strength, toughness, resistance to tempering, hardening capacity, dimensional stability, etc. The range of tool steel in our store includes products from renowned manufacturers. We also supply high - speed steel.

Special tool steel is suitable for the manufacture of moulds, dies and pressing tools. This steel have better end-use properties than common classic steel, therefore it can help saving considerable amounts of money in manufacture.

This patented Swedish steel is distinguished by its high range of use. It is suitable for the manufacture of tools and moulds as well as machinery parts. This material can replace many kinds of classic tool and structural steel.

We supply these grades of steel: St52.3, C45, 16MnCr5, 42CrMo4