W. NR. 1.2344


Chrome–molybdenum–vanadium-silicon steel for hardening in oil and in air with very good hardenability (the steel is hardened in the whole cross-section up to the diameter of about 150 mm), high firmness during the heat and resistance to the tempering and the wear (higher than by the steel 1.2343), very good toughness and plastic properties during normal and also higher temperatures. Further the steel has a very good resistance to tearing of thermal fatigue (lower than by the steel 1.2343) and higher sensitivity to quick changes of temperature than by the steel 1.2343. The steel is suitable for the heat treatment also for firmness over 1765 N/mm2 and for tools cooled by water. It is well-workable during the heat and well-workable in the soft-annealed state.


Tools for hardening during the heat such as small swages for forging presses, matrixes, swage inserts, upsetting tools, punching thorns, jaws and punches. Further the steel is suitable for the extrusion of components from light alloys during the heat and for highly stressed molds for pressure casting of alloys of aluminium and zinc, firm and movable parts meeting the liquid metal, inserts of functional parts of core molds, inlet cases, slide-valves, dividers etc. The steel can also be used for tools for hot cutting, small and middle-sized shear blades, trimming dies and cutting thorns.

Chemical composition of steel W.Nr. 1.2344

Steel gradeChemical composition in %Hardness in the state
CMnSiCrWMoVNi maxCoP max.S max.HB max.HRC min.
DIN X40CrMoV510,37-0,430,30-0,500,90-1,204,80-5,50 1,20-1,500,90-1,10  0,0300,03022951
ČSN 19 5540,34-0440,20-0,500,80-1,204,80-5,80 1,10-1,600,80-1,20  0,0300,03025051

Heat treatment of steel W.Nr. 1.2344

WayTemperature [°C]Procedure
Forging900-1100Cool slowly in dry ash or other thermally-insulated material, thick cross-sections in the furnace
Soft annealing750-800Warm few hours (according to the size of object), mostly four hours are enough and cool slowly in the furnace
Annealing to lower tension600-650Warm 1 to 2 hours and cool slowly in the furnace
Hardening1020-1070Cool smaller and simpler tools in oil up to about 100 °C, and then in air
Cool bigger and difficult-shaped tools in air or in thermal bath ath the temperature of 500-550 °C
Tempering550-650Cool in air, the degree of tempering is set by hardness and toughness of instrument according to the tempering chart


Chart of tempering values depending on the hardness:



Delivered goods

Round bars: D20,5 - D605
Blocks: 410x1010, 510x910
We will deliver any semi-finished products from the above mentioned dimensions. Other dimensions, except for given stock supplies, have to be consulted with us.

Tool steel meets the requirements of various kinds of tools, e.g. for machining, hot- and cold-working, measuring instruments and die-casting moulds. We also offer high-speed steel.

Tool steel meets the requirements of various kinds of tools, e.g. for machining, hot- and cold-working, measuring instruments and die-casting moulds. These tool materials conform to great quality demands of steel, like temper, strength, toughness, resistance to tempering, hardening capacity, dimensional stability, etc. The range of tool steel in our store includes products from renowned manufacturers. We also supply high - speed steel.

Special tool steel is suitable for the manufacture of moulds, dies and pressing tools. This steel have better end-use properties than common classic steel, therefore it can help saving considerable amounts of money in manufacture.

This patented Swedish steel is distinguished by its high range of use. It is suitable for the manufacture of tools and moulds as well as machinery parts. This material can replace many kinds of classic tool and structural steel.

We supply these grades of steel: St52.3, C45, 16MnCr5, 42CrMo4