Premium Tool Steel

Tool steel meets the requirements of various kinds of tools, e.g. for machining, hot- and cold-working, measuring instruments and die-casting moulds. We also offer high-speed steel.

Special tool steel is suitable for the manufacture of moulds, dies and pressing tools. This steel have better end-use properties than common classic steel, therefore it can help saving considerable amounts of money in manufacture.

This patented Swedish steel is distinguished by its high range of use. It is suitable for the manufacture of tools and moulds as well as machinery parts. This material can replace many kinds of classic tool and structural steel.

We supply these grades of steel: St52.3, C45, 16MnCr5, 42CrMo4

We ensure material cutting on KASTO band saws. We use high-performance saws, therefore we can ensure fast series supplies.

We manufacture milled or grinded semi - products tailored to the customer’s requirements. We can supply them including handling threads.

We offer manufacture of mould parts, pressing tools and forging dies. We utilise various CNC machining centres including a deep drilling machine.

Should you have any queries, contact us using the inquiry form. We will promptly answer all your questions.

JKZ Bučovice, a.s.

Our company is one of the largest service centers specializing in the supply of tool and special steels in Czech republic.

Production and development of these steels take place at our exclusive partners: Kind&Co EdelstahlwerkSchmiedewerke GröditzIndusteel from group ArcelorMittal and SSAB Oxelösund with materials TOOLOX®.

The company has the seat in Bučovice in the Czech Republic. In Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and Romania you can find our sales representatives.

Apart from deliveries of high-quality steels which are tailor-made according to customer´s request we also offer 3-axis, 5-axis machining, deep boring, grinding and shaped burning of metal sheets.


From the 8/1/2020, we can also offer sheets in grade 42CrMo4+QT from our stock. We will be pleased to send our quote according to your request.

The working hours for material expedition from JKZ Bučovice a.s. was changed to 6:00-16:00 on weekdays.

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